Nevertheless, She persisted ..

Throughout my facebook timeline, Instagram, etc. I've seen this phrase being shared, quoted, tattooed and behind every face of this phrase is a woman who has fought hard to push past societal boundaries, who has heard the word no or the notion of not being welcomed in her promise land. Then I thought, what does [...]

How you Can be Depressed and Not Realize it. Pt 2 (Update)

I know it's been a while since my last post on this topic and as I started my journey towards healing there are some revelations as to what's been triggering my depression symptoms! So in my previous post on depression, (Click here to read it or for a recap) I talked about how my therapist [...]

Changing the Narrative Around Severe Mental Illnesses

    This is about to get erratic but read and take in the message! I can't speak for everyone but for many atliens (Atlanta natives) who have walked around downtown near the five points MARTA station; I'm sure you've encountered some individuals who are mentally ill. Sometimes these encounters can invoke fear, and sometimes [...]

How you Can be Depressed and Not Realize It 

I'm sure you've heard plenty of times depression doesn't always look like sadness but I think we still fail to grasp it.  Trust me I know first hand because I'm going through it right now.  The past couple months have been rocky but I sorta felt I was coming back into some normalcy except for [...]

Overcoming Mental Illness in the Conscious Community: Summary and Thoughts

  On December 31st I decided to go to the 6th annual Ujamaa Fest held at the Porter Sandford III performing arts center in Decatur, Ga. The event was filled with vendors offering books, food, apparel, toys, bath and body products and more. I loved every second of it and I plan on going back [...]

Why Self-Care is More Important Now than Ever.

    From politics to the police many minorities are in a heightened stage of fear, anger, and sadness. Not only do minorities have to deal with ideologies and oppressive systems, we are now dealing with an increase of exposure to these incidences from social media platforms. While social media is a great outlet and [...]

What’s your toughest Battle?

  Hello All! I took a short break from my blog to focus on finishing up my last quarter for the year and reflecting on things I need to improve. During this quarter I was highly stressed, turning in assignments late and still managed to get two A's and maintain my 4.0. But it also [...]

Breaking : Dakota Access Pipeline Denied

  According to NBC news, yesterday on December 4, 2016 "The secretary of the Army Corps of Engineers told the chairman of the tribe that the Dakota Acess pipeline was denied."   The protest was initiated when a plan was put into place to have an oil pipeline placed underground through their land. Environmentalist and [...]

Speaking up: Just A Black Girl Refusing to Remain Silent

In honor of the #bevocalspeakup initiative backed by Demi Lovato, I decided to raise my voice in support of mental health and empower and inspire those living with mental health conditions. (Trigger warning) I remember when my PTSD symptoms would be so intense, my body would go numb, my skin got cold,my chest would tighten, [...]

Why We Need to Focus More on Giving Minority Adolescents Mental Health Support

Like many adolescents transitioning into middle and high school, you go through those developmental stages of finding your identity where you fit in and joining some peer group. But when you are a minority student you are met with many challenges such as poverty, violence, discrimination, prejudice, and more. These kids are dealing with issues [...]